Summer Berry Cider

A blend of red apples with a dash of straberry juice and splash of cherry, this cider is dry, crisp and a great refresher on a hot summer day. Very popular for weddings and large gatherings and available from June- September.

Cinnamon Honeycrisp

Sometimes you want the flavor of an apple pie without the sweetness. This off dry style cider, has exactly that. The delicious taste of freshly ripened honey crisp apple with a pinch of cinnamon makes this a great year round cider to enjoy by itself or with a meal.

Small Batch Ciders

We also make custom small batch ciders for private events. Like a certain flavor? Let us know and we can customize your order

Where we get our apples

At Good Mountain we believe in not only supporting the beauty of the mountains surrounding us, but also the farmers of Washington who grow such delicious fruit. We source all of our apple products from local PNW orchards. So far we have made batches from apples grown north in Lynden,WA, from the apple capital of Yakima, WA as well as from trees in our backyard of Sultan, WA. Each makes such a unique cider and we love getting to celebrate such a diverse home state by showcasing it in the glass.

Limiting waste in production

We are all about finding ways to stream line and limit waste in our facility at Good Mountain. Some practices we use are ordering just freshed pressed juice from the orchards, therefore we use less power and equipment to process as well as reduce to amount of wasted material when making the cider. Likewise we don't bottle! All of our products go straight into keg to eliminate the need to recycle bottles or cans.

Need Cider?

Our ciders will be ready for market sale by end of 2017. If you are wanting to order for a private event or donation to a non-profit please contact us!