A Quick Dedication…

When it comes to starting a business, this would be Cara’s first. While it was hard to decide what to pursue, once the ball got rolling it was easy to see how it all got started. Born and raised in Chehalis, WA, Cara was raised by two of whom she would say are the most influential people in her life when it comes to Good Mountain Cider Co. While she can’t thank all of her mentors and supporters enough through the process of building the business, the true inspiration lies closer to home.

Her parents.

Lesa LeDuc

Cara’s mother was a serial volunteer. Involved in as many organizations as she could fit into her very busy life of being a full time mom and entrepreneur, Lesa LeDuc led a life of dedicated service to her community and continues to do so, and more often than not, dragged Cara into it. Cara became somewhat of a personal assistant to her mother over the years, aiding in marketing, delivering invitations to events, and whatever other task was needed.

Something I really appreciate about my mom is her selflessness to service. She was always coordinating events for the boy scouts or hospital, spending tireless hours building something that didn’t benefit her, but made the commnity stronger. My mom’s work ethic and desire to serve was definitely passed on to her children. My siblings and I have all become involved in our communities in someway or another, and it’s the very reason I want my company to do so as well.”

Tim LeDuc

Cara’s father, Tim, likewise was also heavily involved in the community, leading the local boyscout troop, serving at the church, and assisting in events that her mother led. Moreover, Cara drew her love for the outdoors from her father. At a very young age, the family would go on roadtrips camping, traveling to ghost towns, national parks, panning for gold, as she puts it “having adventures and getting dirty.” The mountains were always her favorite. To this day, they still try to coordinate at least a few camp outs or fishing trips together. But bigger than the camping trips, was the transformation Cara witnessed while working with her dad.

What was really cool for me was the time I spent at the coal mine where my dad (and then later I) worked. When I was a kid my dad worked in the mine as a surveyor, I remember when the mine was actively digging for coal and I got to take a tour down to the bottom of this HUGE pit and see all the operations. Flash forward about 10 years and I am now working at the mine, however operations for mining are shut down and now my dad is helping lead the charge in reclamation, rebuilding wetlands and forests in the area. Another 5 years later and I took a trip out to see the ‘once was’ mining area and now, it is almost completed as a lake that will have recreation access. Seeing that in my lifetime, in just 25 years, this whole area shift from being kind of a destructive landscape now reclaimed into a beautiful useful land again was amazing! It’s really the true inspiration behind Good Mountain’s environmental impact mission”



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