Our Mantra | Do.Be.Drink.GOOD.

Good Mountain Cider Company was started with a simple mission: Build community through the enjoyment of craft cider to better improve environmental sustainability of the mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

So what does that mean?

Do: That means for every sale of Good Mountain cider, 1% will go directly back into environmental clean up, land conservation and reclamation projects within the communities where Good Mountain cider is enjoyed.

Be: That means Good Mountain, and its ambassadors, will likewise be avid leaders in community development, working to build awareness and educate others on environmental impact.

Drink: That means our ciders will be made with only quality PNW apples, our cider making practices will be aimed at reducing waste and creating a full recycle with the simple goal of just being GOOD.

Meet the Team

Without our team, Good Mountain would just be a dream. From volunteers, to family, friends, and everyone in between, we could not be more blessed to have your help along this journey

Cara LeDuc

Founder, Brainstormer & Cider Maker

A Washington Native, Cara attended Central Washington University where she studied business and Global Wine. Cara never had the intention of opening her own winery, or cidery for that matter. Rather she planned to work for big organizations and conglomerates making a difference in the industry. But things don’t always go as planned. It wasn’t until she and her best friend Lauren were solving the worlds problems over a glass of wine one night, that Lauren says “You know, I can just see you with a cabin, and Jake, wearing flannel and making cider in a big red barn in the mountains somewhere.” They laughed about it, but after a couple weeks of thinking about what she had said, Cara really started to consider that maybe Lauren was on to something.

Fast forward about 2 years later and now Good Mountain Cider Company is well underway of development, thanks to a great bottle of whatever they were drinking, some creative thinking, and an even better group of team members and mentors!

Cara is really excited about launching Good Mountain, because it finally combines her love for the outdoors with her education and passion for gastronomy. Her favorite hike is any one with her dog or that leads to fishing. Her favorite trail snacks are almonds with craisins, beef jerkey and string cheese. Her arch nemesis is asthma and she takes an excessive amount of pictures while outside. So just be prepared…

Alexan Erich

Designer  and Hike or Die Badass

Although Alexan studied graphic design at Central Washington University, she spent her fair share of time “helping” her roommate and peers complete their courses in wine studies. Every evening Alexan could be found working behind her computer screen and scribbling on a sketchpad, with her cohorts passing her glasses of wine as she went. During this process she met Cara, founder of Good Mountain. Needless to say Alexan has loved art and alcohol ever since.

Especially when they are mixed with the outdoors! When she’s not designing she’s out adventuring, which could mean anything with a bit of bushwalking to maybe some double-backing. But that’s okay, because it’s almost always through the Olympic National Park, her favorite stomping grounds. She’s criss-crossed and back tracked all over that peninsula, with her pockets full of trail mix (it’s gotta have chocolate) and a backpack full of wine – or cider. She’s also become a bit of a mushroom fanatic; whether it’s taking their pictures, making spore prints, or putting them in her belly. Her archnemisis you ask? Locked yellow gates on a backcountry trail.

Jake the Cider Dog

Customer Service & Surveillance

Born in Tieton, WA, Jake met Cara on a fateful day in July of 2012. He was just headed to bed when he heard an unfamiliar car pulling in the driveway. Within moments, there was a knocking on the top of the dog house. While most of his siblings didn’t bother to get up, Jake was the first pup out of the house, ready to check out whatever was going on. He dashed over to the fence and when Cara picked him up, he knew she was the one. She however spent a good 15 mins ignoring him, so he insisted on sitting on her feet, chewing on her boots, and following her everywhere she went until she picked him up, looked him square in the eye and said “Am I really taking home the one who has been chewing on my boots?!” Needless to say, the two have been inseparable since, and she still has her boots in tack.

Jake is really excited to be a Good Mountain dog. He has always loved long hikes up mountains and swimming in alpine lakes.  One of his favorite hikes to go on is Snow Lake in the Alpine Wilderness in Snoqualmie, WA. 

Jake’s favorite snacks for climbing are beef jerky, apples and Cool Ranch Doritos. He prefers to walk himself on his leash, and his arch nemesis are squirrels. You are sure to meet Jake anytime you come to the cidery and Cara’s around.

Want to become a part of our great team?

Whether you'd like to volunteer or apply for a job contact us and let us know why you're passionate about cider and the mountains!